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Ever since our inception in 1984, KSRM (a concern of Kabir Group of Industries) has always been focused on producing reinforced steel and deformed bars, using cutting edge European POMINI technology on automated rolling mills. Our products are emblazoned with our seal of quality while we ensure accurate weight and timely deliveries.

Our state of the art facility is able to produce a mammoth 8 lac metric tons of products annually. We have successfully become one of the top consumer preferences of steel and are proud to acknowledge the positive impact of our production capability has had in the construction industry of Bangladesh.


Our mission is to ensure the availability of steel products of consistent quality which conform to the international standards of The World. We intend to remain in a constant state of improvement by sorting out innovative approaches in the further standardization of the products and the process of manufacturing via world class research and development, so as to achieve a sustainable growth model without the compromise of supporting the community.


Aspire to be a world leader in the manufacturing of world class steel of the highest and consistent quality using innovative and state of the art technology while ensuring energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.



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Message from The Deputy Managing Director

I welcome you on behalf of the KSRM Steel Plant Ltd. and thank you for showing your interest in us.

KSRM is positioned to play a crucial role in building the sustainable cities of the future. Our steel makes up the backbone of new buildings and large public infrastructure projects. KSRM is experiencing an increased demand for high-quality steel products, we are witnessing an increased supply of low grade steel in country which decaying the image of local steel industry. For the last four decades KSRM is committed to maintain State of the Art Facility in our production process and maintain high quality international standard which presents new opportunities and challenges for our business. But it is not just the business environment that matters to our stakeholders. The way that we conduct our affairs and our business, as well as the quality and sustainability of Our Main Products, is also of great importance to our stakeholders. We are thus committed to responsible operations and upstanding conduct across our operations.

In this website, we highlight our achievements and challenges in ‘making steel matter’ through operational and environmental efficiency, profitable growth, and good corporate citizenship. Our sustainability concerns go beyond our direct operations; they also focus on innovation, the development of more sustainable products and recycling solutions, and the creation of a healthy and safe environment for our people. It is all of these, taken together, that are encompassed by the idea of ‘sustainable steel’.

I acknowledge and applaud the progress that has been achieved by our potential workforce at KSRM, and that we will need to continue to adapt to our changing landscape and stakeholder expectations. I would like to invite you to be part of this journey by providing us with your views on our performance. Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders for their contributions to our ongoing success.

Shahriar Jahan
Deputy Managing Director